Cain and Abel


By Dr Nickos A. Poulianos & Aris N. Poulianos


The biblical reference in the story of Cain and Abel reflects a fact that might occur during the beginning of the Neolithic period. According to the myth, after their eviction from the Eden garden Adam and Eve acquired two sons: Cain who was farmer and Abel who was breeder. Then the firstborn Cain murdered Abel. As wildly known in the beginning of the Neolithic period a great climate change occurred, especially in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. The melting ice of the last glacial period and the extremely large increase of rainfall (flood of Noah or Deucalion) resulted also to a proportionate increase of vegetation. Followed the “agricultural” revolution, while the always more increasing (over)populations gradually started not only gather their food (as previously too), but permanently settle next to rivers or lakes and cultivating plants. In parallel, the animals’ farming was developed. It is therefore probable the biblical narrative represents the order in which appeared a little earlier the agriculture in the region (on the basis of archaeological data too), that resulted in conflicts to protect different properties, acquiring today an increasing dynamic as the wars and the properties of billions. (Cf. p. 51, Abstracts of the 18th European Anthropological Congress, 3-6 September 2012, Ankara – Turkey).