Αλλοδαποί επισκέπτες στο σπήλαιο Πετραλωνων    -    Foreign visitors to Petralona cave

28/7/1999 It was very interesting and great! Alexander - Juliane Berlin
7/7/1999 It's all very exiting. What a nice old man they' ve found! Greeting from all of us. Amalie, Sara, Anne Denmark
17/9/1999 Hi !!  Very  enjoyable. Amanda -  Perth Western  Australia
19/10/1999 Wow ,  well   worth  a  visit.  Take  your  time and  let  your  imagination  go  free   in the caves. Amanda   Watson  Yorkshire England
29/7/1999 Αmazing tour , very cool !!! Amanda , Martin, Daniel, Aaron England
9/8/1999 Very good museum and cave, the café should be open though. Amy, Mo and Mick England
22/4/1999 Α fantastic display of an amazing discovery. Thank you for a well informed and comprehensive presentation and tour. Well worth the visit. Angela , Spiros and Tom Bagiotas - With appreciation. Burwood - Melbourne Australia
20/8/1998 Very  interesting and informative. This is a very  important find. We enjoyed it. Anna USA
16/10/1999 Absolutely    fabulous,  can't   wait  to  see  the  cave ! Anonymous Finland
5/3/1999 Very interesting and informative Anonymous
30/7/1999 It was really interesting. We enjoyed it very much. We have good impressions of Chalkidiki at all. Anza Riccarda           Ellen Kristin Germany
31/8/1982 Thank you! Athinson Robert England
31/1/1998 Very interesting visit; we never seen something like this before. Because we are from Holland and there everything in flat. Greetings and thanks. Babet Michiel  and Natascha  - the three musketiers Holland
14/10/1998 Very lovely place to see well worth visiting !! Baker  + Lewis Family
19/5/1999 We loved your museum. It was well worth a visit. Ball - Family Southpart England
1/6/1999 Barry Asley  ( age 7 ) Yorkshire England
10/5/1998 What a wonderful place!! Bartlett Dean                 Sharon Bartlett             Raussa Bartlett England
28/10/1999 Toliko  malo  je  ostavilo  toliko  mnogo u  svima  nama. Beli Mijajcova - Crni
24/6/1999 The caves were cool and very nice the guide spoke very good English ignore the other morning British. Lisa + Simon Beren on are honeymoon and nearing a great time. Thank you. Berer Lisa + Simon British
29/8/1982 With love and best wishes!! Bhie Histon          Cambridge England
28/7/1997 What a wonderful cave, fantastic experience - thank you. Boldon David, Marie, Catherme and Susanne - Jack,  England
4/7/1997 The location was fantastic and very imaginative.. We wish you good luck in your next years investigation. Thanks you a lot! With greetings. Bolshakov Anna Fotina                         Denis            Russia
1/8/1999 The cave and museum are both fascinating and give a wonderful  insight into the world long ago. Brown V. + H. England
24/9/1998 Thank you !!! Browne Burt Durban South Africa
31/7/1999 Excellent !! Callachan Clair Scotland
4/5/1999 Amazing - Wonderful !! Carolyn Shaw, Andy + Becky Thelin, Judi + Heidi York U.S.A.
26/7/1997 Good luck - I hope they return your skull !! Carolyn Wright Philadelphia     Pennsylvania U.S.A.
9/8/1982 We think that you have an 8th wonder of the world. Chapmon Mr + Mrs John Cambridge England
25/8/1997 Fascinating. Very interesting cave and museum. Thank you! Cherry Angela, Suzanna, England
30/1/2000 This magnificent discovery of the origins of man is a unique contribution to the world and so its civilization. We are so indebted to the life’s work of Professors Aris Poulianos and Nickos Poulianos to the uncovering of this archaeological and anthropological masterpiece. We will never forget this great experience. Chobanian Aram Jasmine and Chobanian Jasmine Boston
24/9/1998 Claire Grant Dept of Geology University of Natal. Durban South Africa
24/9/1998 Clark Ryan James Durban South Africa
13/8/1999 Clarke Amy,  Paul Clarke, Ryan Clarke England
24/9/1998 Cronwright Michael  - University of Natal. Durban South Africa
9/9/1997 Very interesting, shame about the company. Crook Joanne  + Mark Anlezark Manchester England
16/8/1999 Very  Interesting. D.  Reld Scotland
23/8/1997 Enjoyed our visit ! Daniels Family Billekicay, Essex England
11/8/1999 Dees Elise Wiken Norway
11/8/1999 Dees Merete Wiken Norway
30/3/1998 I thank all the guides specially Christos for the wonderful visit and I hope you will find a solution to keep this special nice cave so unbelievable. Diane Switzerland
19/11/1997 It was very interesting + well maintained. Fascinating. Dimas Jennie Australia
26/8/1997 Fantastic, amazing. I hope your excavation work doesn't stop. Dingas Sue Sydney Australia
8/6/1999 I liked the caves ! Dobson Luke London England
3/8/1998 What  a  lovely   place !  We ' ll  come  again . Earle J. 
26/8/1999 It's  beautiful !  I  was   in  a  cave  and  I  lived  it   so  much !! Edit Hungary
28/8/1999 Fantastic !! Eli  -   Lin  V. Ravn Norway
30/6/1997 Guides did a great job and were very helpful. Thanks. Elias, Bob, Ressi, Jimmy Boston U.S.A.
26/5/1999 Thank you!!! Ellis Family North Wales
26/9/1998 Ennico Wies, Tina Karrasch, Nina Jeromin Krefeld Germany
15/9/1998 Ester + Alan Richards Southport England
20/8/1999 Very   interesting   museum  ! Eva Paris
24/7/1997 Very interesting. Well presented. Have not seen any cave as extensive as this before. Evans C. England
14/8/1999 Nice cave, shame about the café not being open. Evans Lauren England
5/12/1982 This is the most wonderful thing I ever seen. Falagas Thanos Παλαμάς         Καρδίτσα
9/5/1998 Visited caves today, very impressive. Family Stevenage England
16/6/1998 Petralona - Man was very interesting! Please keep this culture for our neat generation and show it! Thank you! Frem Angelika  and Relm Retty England
18/7/1997 Wow! This is truly a national treasure! Great tour! Fryer Chris U.S.A.
22/7/1999 Excellent, caves are very impressive. The tour was good. Thank you! G.B. Dover
24/9/1998 Garth Donovan  Richards - Bluff Durban South Africa
19/6/1998 Very informative - well worth a visit! Gary + Nicolle Fisher, Sutton, Surrey England
9/1/2000 I came all  way  from Australia 9 years  ago and  I  only  learned  about  this  place a few  days  ago. It  astonished  me that  we  hared  about  it in Australia  and  not in Greece. George Australia Australia
31/5/1999 It was amazing in the cave. Wonderful experience. Excellent ! Godson Clare - Chris and William Surney England
30/7/1997 Thank you for this beautiful time, which we  spent here. Group from Poland
9/8/1982 Very interesting!! Hal, Fillia, and boys Chicago
11/10//99 Canada's   loss in 1968 was to the benefit of the world. Thank you, Dr.  Poulianos. For showing  as the beginnings  for our world. It  was a great honor  to have you as  a '' guide ''. Hall Barbara  Torondo Canada
29/8/1997 Thank you. Very interesting and a wondrous sight! Hardy Michael and Nicda Tadcaster England
5/6/1998 Very enjoyable and interesting visit. Harold + Jennise Andover - Hampshire England
30/6/1999 Amazing beautiful and interesting!! Hegth J.  (6/3/1984) D.O.B. England
21/9/1997 The cave was very interesting, it was a very impressive exhibition. Heihe and Tom Germany
29/7/1997 We enjoyed the visit to the caves and the history.  Thank you,   Maggie……. Helbm Maggie and Stephenie    Weshunglon England
11/8/1998 Very  interesting  to  see . A  contrast  to anything  I ' ve  seen in  Greece  and    best  wishes  for  the future ! Helen  Strom - Spanga Sweden
26/9/1998 Hudasch Josefin Krefeld Germany
19/5/1999 A fantastic cave and museum! Thank you. Inga - Lill and Anders Gothenburg Sweden
4/7/1997 MIELENKIINTOISIA LUOLIA JA MUKANA OPAS! Very interesting caves and really nice guide! Thank you very much especially because it was FREE! Jamalainen Pen + Hanna                  Paivi Virkkunen Finland
28/7/1999 We were here and enjoyed it very much! Jatebowstie's           Family Poland
6/9/1998 Thank you, very interesting caves ! Jea + Bill  Cley England
30/7/1999 The cave was beautiful. I hope see it again ! John England
30/5/1999 I found  it a wonderful experience. I would love to see it again. I like the guide as well because she told us some very interesting facts. I 'm in to archaeology and I think I'd like to do something like guided tours when I'm older. If here's still open when I grow older I ' ll come again as I enjoyed it so much. Jones Kathacine        ( age 10 ) England
10/5/1998 First time and anything like it. It's a miracle, congratulations to all of you who made it a great experience for us! Kallopoulos Thomas                       U.S.A.
11/9/1998 It was  very  fascinating .  This   is my  second  visit  and   I  must  say  it  was  much   more   organized  than   my  last  visit . Very  good work. Congratulations   to  all  of  you  and  your  work  here . Karagiannis  Family
14/2/1999 It is with great appreciation that I' ve visited Petralona cave Excavations. The findings Anna shed the lists to the history of humanity are extremely interesting and impressive. Wishing the Greek archaeologists every success. Kassiananko Andres and Elenc Tessaloniki
22/7/1999 It was very nice here. I come back with my children. Kathy England
1/8/1999 It was very fascinating to see and work where the cave man  used home ! Kerendonos John England
14/10/1999 Very   good   tour.  Best  so  fan. Konny-  Anne- Lee - Frank - Christine South  Yorkshire, East  Yorkshire England
24/8/1997 I was very impressed with the cave, in particular the stalagmites and stalactites. In , Australia, we don't get a chance to see such natural wonders. It should make you all proud. Koronidis Australia
21/7/1997 Probably the most beautiful and impressive cave in the world. Thanks to friendly guides. Kowalscy E.P.W. - T. Poland
3/7/1997 Περαστικοί, για το συνέδριο των Αστρονόμων στο ΑΘΩΣ ΠΑΛΛΑΣ HOTEL, ξεκλέψαμε λίγο χρόνο να επισκεφθούμε το σπήλαιο των Πετραλώνων και να συναντήσουμε τον απώτατο πρόγονο μας. Πολλές σκέψεις κάναμε. Πιο πλούσιοι πνευματικά φύγαμε. Το έργο της συντήρησης είναι σημαντικό και ευχόμαστε στην Ανθρωπολογική Εταιρεία, που αναλαμβάνει την ευθύνη, κάθε επιτυχία και ευχαριστούμε για την δωρεάν ξενάγηση. Krimitzis Maria - Stamathios  M.D. U.S.A.
11/7/1997 I am Greek from South Africa. I would like to point out to you all. Well done with you very good work. The cave was beautiful , the entrance was for free and the young Man that took us around was very good. I would like to congratulate you all, on your good work and keep it up. Kubos Maria - Tell and family South Africa
30/7/1997 What an amazing part of history to come across something so beautiful. I hope you can find whatever else you are looking for. Thank you! Kunow Katrina U.S.A.
28/6/1997 I was in the cave today - beautiful and interesting to see the first human. Thank for the showing - all was free. Lavsen Δανία
17/7/1999 Excellent and very interesting. Keep up the good work. Lee Peter, Helen  + Lauren Orton England
11/8/1998 The  Pike  family from  the South West  of  England . Caves  are very  fascinating  and  beautiful   and    we  had a  very  enjoyable  day ! Leepike  family South  West  of  England
6/7/1999 Very nice !!! Lietuva Lithuania
1/9/1997 It' s unbelievable how old these findings are. Most astonishing are the traces of fire showing that man of Petralona. Knew how to use fire! Limniος Chris                  Γιώργος Λημνίος         Παναγιώτα Λημνιού         Μαρία Λημνιού
30/7/1999 He was very interesting. The cave were superb! Lory Romania
5/8/1982 Lubking - Thomsen, Magda Rotterdam Holland
18/5/1999 Very good, worthwhile trip. Wonderful love. Mac Murray Sheila  - Shan Bear Liverpool England
17/10/1998 The most incredible sight I' ve ever seen. Maclear Elisabeth Poolewe Scotland
3/10/1998 Magno - Franco + Cornelia - Smaro - Caro Helvetia
5/4/1999 It was very beautiful and very interesting to learn about the scale of life according to Aristotle. Mandl Shirel Tel - Aviv Isreal
21/10/1999 We coming  from Argentine ( South America ). This  cave is a beautiful explosion  of nature. Great Greece Manoy  Marthe South  America
30/6/1997 We came upon these caves by accident, very interesting experience, will be well recommended to others. Guides very helpful, even though it was free, a small fee would have been acceptable. Mary , Sharon, Steve, Lisa and Andy Birmingham England
24/9/1998 Thank you ! Mc'Cartney Lucy A   Brighton England
23/8/1997 Excellent cave. Really worth a visit. Michele, Tim, Sam, Neal England
24/9/1998 Mills Jastin Elton  Dept of Geology , UND South Africa
9/8/1982 Πόσες βαθιές και απέραντες οι ρίζες του ανθρώπου, και πόση αδυσώπητη εργασία δεν είδαμε από τα χέρια και το μυαλό του κ. Άρη Πουλιανου και των συνεργατών του!!! Nakis Sofia New york
9/8/1982 Ντροπή στο κράτος για αδράνεια και μη συμμετοχή στο κολοσσιαίο αυτό έργο που γίνεται στην Ελλάδα!!! Συγχαρητήρια στον Πουλιανό. Nakis Tim  New York
3/8/1999 The best part was all the animals fossils ! Nichols Matthew James
11/6/1998 Very interesting, beautiful and spectacular. Nigel, Julie, Christopher and Nicola England
3/8/1982 It is very interesting for me as I want to be an anthropologist. Paddon Georgina England
11/5/1999 Very interesting . Good Value. Panarnand Family Devon England
17/5/1998 Wonderful cave. Excellent view of the cave. Parker Tom and Nick England
10/11/1999 This  should   be  clarified  and  protected  by  UNESCO   as  '' World   Heritage ''  !!! Paul Belgium
20/8/1998 Fascinating  discovery. I hope there is more  to find; we will come  back in ten years to see. Paul - Blenda - John Yorkshire England
12/12/1999 Pekka  Hihnala ,  Helsinki Finland
7/8/1982 This is more interesting. Peterson John               Rally Acropolis 1979
20/8/1998 Very interesting and a very informative guide ! Pitchenc  Family England
16/5/1999 Thanks for good interpretation ! Potter Thic and Annette Cambridge England
11/7/1997 I came from America to visit your beautiful cave. I was pleased to see that such a magnificent monument is free of charge to the Greek people. Professor of Philosophy - Amstrong Atlantic State University U.S.A.
30/8/1997 Well worth a visit very interesting. Keep up the good work you are doing. Ralph Janet Mick and Simon England
13/9/1999 Come prima  visita e'  tutto incantevole, spero di poter ritornare. Ramoda Diego  Italy
25/7/1997 It is a beautiful world down there in the caves. Ricky England
31/5/1999 This skull looks like my dad !! Roberds Rachel Wales England
17/7/1999 Rolf, Petra and Denise Woppertal Deutschland
10/8/1982 Very interesting but had to go though too last. We could have spend hours in there looking of everything. Saldanhe Chery England
4/8/1999 The most beautiful cave we ever saw !! Sandra + Stephan Germany
30/6/1997 It is the most interesting experience in my life. Me and my boyfriend have been here for the second time and we couldn't took of our eyes from these treasures. You have to let the public see this wonder - it will be a crime to keep that in the dark! The staff was very kind and we enjoy this attraction very much. The best was the free charge. What a ''choc''! Savignac Brigitte                                + George Petridis Canada + Florina
27/7/1997 We all enjoyed the caves, a truly brilliant experience to see the first man it was exciting. Thank you! Shavon, Andy, Callum + Megan Laundes Leicester England
30/7/1997 It's one of the most impressing  places we' ve been. Thank you for your work. Sideris Brazil
9/9/1998 Found it very interesting and enjoyed the visit. Simon and Alice England
15/7/1997 A very interesting visit - the cave was wonderful to see - the young child enjoyed it also. Sowden Family England
21/8/1998 Absolutely  fantastic to see. Sp˙ker Jan Mrs and Mr  Holland
16/5/1998 Excellent view of the cave. We are very happy to be here. Stamatiou Nick and Alex Vancouver B.C. Canada
14/9/1982 A very beautiful and interesting cave. I would like to know much more about it, and will visit the university in Thessalonica to view the human remains. Stella England
15/5/1999 Very interesting - Amazing! Thank you. Steve and Mary England
29/8/1997 Thank you. The cave is amazing. Steward Maria, Martin, William + James Stoke Mandeulle England
24/9/1998 Stewart Janine  - University of Natal Durban South Africa
24/11/1999 It  is  so  amazing that these things  here  are  so  old.  I  really  enjoy   being  here  going  back  into  history.  Thank  you. Tampa Florida USA  NATO
9/8/1982 The museum was fascinating and enjoyed looking at the specimens found in the cave! Taularides Margo U.S.A.
11/8/1982 It was a very interesting adventure! I really enjoyed it! Tavlarides Margo America
11/8/1998 Hello  again  for  the  second  time ! Tereza - Hana  Spatola Italia / England
9/8/1998 Impressive   findings  /  escort .  Guide  was  very  helpful , however  an  English  translation   would  have  been  wonderful  . The  Bobmameels Manchester England
31/7/1998 Very  interesting place. We  will  came  back ! Thobile - Mncedisi South  Africa
12/7/1999 Excellent!! Thompeon Angie + Colin England
31/8/1982 A marvelous experience, never to be forgotten. Thomson Family London England
9/6/1999 I liked the caves very much, it was Cool !! Timmons K.J.  (age 10) Cerdiff Wales
12/7/1999 We have very enjoyed seeing your beautiful caves. We would also like to say thank you to the wonderful guide who was extremely patient with our noisy 9 month old. Tommy, Curtis + Meganne + Ross England
30/5/1999 Beautiful, interesting caves. Very inspiriting, very enjoyable. Tonos Melanie  - (age 13 ) England
19/8/1997 It was very good and interesting. Tourists Russian
11/8/1997 It is the most wonderful cave we' ve ever seen. We're from Hungary, and there is a cave in Aggtelek, which is fascinating too, but this place is even more beautiful. I hope I can come back again later. Tunde Nagy Hungary
12/9/1998 Very cool best stalagmites seen yet , why can't  we take pictures? Vac - Tony England
2/8/1982 A very interesting and good preserved museum. Vewtev E. South Africa
15/1/2000 This  small  cave  excursion was more than  interesting. I hope  that  every Hellenic  citizen  shall   take  the  time   to  come  here  just  to  learn   and  here  about  a  past   most  are ignorant upon.  A  past  is  indeed  a  future   as well   for  a   country   and  Greece  has   plenty  of   that.  That  is  if  they  simply  let  the  world know  what  niches   the soil we  sleep  upon   contains. Vicky Montreal Canada
12/7/1999 Vilund Tommy Finland
30/6/1997 Being from a foreign country, I found the caves to be a very invigorating and exciting new experience. Vitlis Thimitra Sydney Australia
16/6/1998 There were so many fascinating things to see! It was great! Keep up the good work!!!!! Voula Australia
3/8/1999 It was very interesting to see all the skulls and bones. Walker Sophie England
22/7/1997 An amazing display of caves, very well preserved and very interesting. Waters family Scotland
28/6/1999 Guide spoke good English, very interesting!! Wemiss Family - Scotland
26/9/1998 Westenfelder Alice Krefeld Germany
21/9/1997 Excellent, very interesting. William England
3/9/1997 Caves were very interesting it was a memorable experience I enjoyed it very much. Williams Kerry             Jessica Williams London England
13/9/1998 Wolcieck Matuszko - Lidia Papros - Matuszko Kuba - Matuszko Lat - 3
11/8/1998 Hello !  This is  very  interesting  and  unbelievable  place  to  see  human  remains . Yasemin  Godek Turkey