From Nickos A. Poulianos


To the president of the European Anthropological Association prof. Nickolas Mascie-Taylor


Athens, November 21st 2010

Dear Prof. Taylor,


…there are some news from the Antalya IUAES Intercongress. Prof. Susan had to travel few hours before the IUAES General Assembly, which took place in the afternoon of October the 5th 2010. Thus our Vice-president authorized me, as the only board member in Attaleia, to represent EAA.

The last issue that should be examined was a resolution (or statement) on: “Race and Racism”. The quite long text of six pages was presented to the delegates to be approved within about half an hour. I asked to the IUAES president Prof. Nash to postpone the voting on the statement for few months, in order to first send it to other scholars and anthropological unions as EAA and the Anthropological Association of Greece. Also because the final resolution will be sent to the United Nations as the basic theoretic ground against racism, it was stated that for such an important matter a better-revised text might be elaborated. In this way a closer examination could improve the final text, as for example do not start with capital letter the world racism. Some other scholars backed my proposition and two days ago i received by e-mail the statement under re-examination, which i am forwarding to you. To my understanding there are some other problematic sentences too that should be looked over again, since a not well-established argumentation could be used for the opposite of the desired goal (i.e. as a weapon on the racists’ hands). Prof. Nash and the presidium members agreed, while as regards only its principle the statement was approved. I hope that you also agree with the way i handled the situation.

Please let me know if you would distribute the attached statement to the board and other members of EAA for an eventual further dialog or you would like me to proceed on the matter.

…Cordially yours, Nickos A. Poulianos