Competition concerning a brief history of humanity


On the occasion of summer holidays the A.A.G. announces a competition for a concise and comprehensible history of humanity. With this contention it is hoped to achieve a condensed overall picture of the basic moments of humans history, in order to attain an approach of mutual understanding and respect, as essential conditions for longer-range and more prosperous survival of our species.

As long as we know such an effort has not been promoted yet and we consider that as a background tool in modern education’s “equipment” is absent. The result of a relevant written text will be useful for experts (as it will offer possibilities for contribution), and for less specialised too, who, in their overwhelming majority, feel the need of a dialogic supervisory briefing regarding various subjects, as that of the present rivalry.

Terms: The attendances deadline is fixed for the end of the year, the corresponding text should not exceed 3 pages or 1803 words, and must be sent to our e-mail. Languages: Hellenic or English. The smaller is the text, the better it is. Author(s) name(s), the title and eventual bibliographical notes will not be counted as concerns the text' s length. Bibliography may be incorporated to the script or separately collocated. Pseudonyms may be used. Only texts based on scientific data will be considered.

Reward: One of our editions with special dedication to the six more successful attendances, jugged by the A.A.G. Board.


Note: A definition of culture from one of our university publications is collocated, which eventually may be useful for an easier approach to the subject in contention: As culture is comprehended the sum of human biosocial adaptation to the environment and includes ideas, notions and behaviours, along with the material consequences - results of this adaptation.

There is also a concentrating sentence of PhD in Anthropology Demosthenes Kourtovik (one of the senior A.A.G. members), who in 2000 within a critical and humoristic Greek text regarding Anthropology etc formulated: “The entire history of humanity is the nostalgia of its prehistory”, connecting this saying to the opinion of Rousseau that the prehistoric human patrimony is more noble of its current civilization.